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Collective Healing Centre Newtown

What is gestalt therapy?

Gestalt therapy is known as the therapy of awareness. It’s a relational, somatic (body) and experiential therapy that allows the inclusion of creativity, flexibility, and dive into other modalities.  It focuses on the individual’s experience in the present moment, the therapist–client relationship, the environmental and social contexts of a person's life. It brings acceptance and deeper connection to self and others. Through greater self-awareness you create an embodied understanding of who you are and how you relate to others in the natural world.

What is kundalini yoga? 

Kundalini yoga is known as the yoga of awareness. It derives from kundalini, the divine feminine (Shakti) defined in Vedantic culture as the creative dormant energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine until it is activated. Kundalini yoga is a powerful tool to activate this energy, leading to spiritual awakening. Once awakened it is channeled upward through the chakras to allow us to live our full potentiall. Kundalini yoga as a school of yoga is influenced by Shaktism, Sikhism, uses breath, postures, sound and meditation to  allow you to experience your soul.

Working together

Together we will co-create a safe space built on trust and authentic communication. I will always bring an open, compassionate heart and honour the courage it takes for you to show up and face your unconscious beliefs and patterns. The new awareness and self-acceptance you'll experience will allow you to grow and live a happier, healthier life.

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